Story Synopsis

STIRRING is the story of a disillusioned worker in a repressive society who creates the opportunity for hope, inspired by the innocence of a child’s joy.

Josef and his family go about their dull lives in a hopeless existence, constantly monitored as drones in this dark culture. The mousy Josef makes a discovery in his factory that challenges him to break through the desolation. Despite resistance from his coworkers, friends, and even his family, Josef sets in motion a daring plot, hiding himself and those who join him from the watchful eye of the Elite. In the end, it is the heart of a child who opens the door for hope.


Josef – a common worker who builds and repairs surveillance machines for the government.

Katya – Josef’s wife.

Zechariah – Josef and Katya’s 5-year-old son.

Alexsei – an Elite Guard who is friends with Josef, and sometimes enjoys a mutual relationship with him when secrecy allows.

Governor Eran Kasimir – the highest official in the village

The Elite Guards – government heavies

Yakov, Petrov, Symon, Andrew, et al – Josef’s co-workers who join him in his struggle

Project Details

This 45-minute short film will be shot using the Panasonic HVX-200 in HD format with 35mm Anamorphic lenses using the G35 device system. The film will be in Cinemascope format (2.35:1).

The shoot will be two six-day weeks, twelve-hour days, and a combination of location and studio shooting. Crew for the film consists of young filmmakers from across the country, literally from coast to coast.